The Delusion of Multi-Tasking?

I like to call myself a multi-tasker. Usually on my computer I have at least 7 or 8 programs opened at the same time and many other files working simultaneously. I would also like to believe that I get more done when I multi-task. I think it is the feeling of doing many things at […]

Re: turn Sermon Series

        We are going to start a whole new series called, “Re: turn.” Usually the pastoral staff and I try to come up with the whole year’s preaching schedule, one semester at a time. We already had a series that we wanted to do in the month of November, but just recently […]

High School Musical 3

        Tonight the family and I went to see High School Musical 3. One of the LIFE groups was gracious enough to pay for the movie tickets. I think Karissa was more excited about this than the boys. Overall it was a decent movie with some good themes – learning to make […]

Leadership Network Update

Yesterday was a full day. We went through some back-to-back sessions. But it was great to sit down some of the guys in ministry and talk about topics that applied to where we were at the present moment in ministry. I realized that getting into smaller group and just picking each other’s brains is helping […]

History Is Made

  Photo: Reuters       Tonight as we were eating dinner, some of the people who had iPhones were checking the election updates. By the time we were having dessert it was pretty clear that Obama won the election. When I got back to the hotel room, I was watching the concession speech by […]

In San Diego

I am out to San Diego for a Leadership Network conference. I am part of a learning community, which is made up of a small group of Asian-American pastors who are leading multi-ethnic churches around the U.S. I met up with Dave Lee at the airport and we headed out to our conference location. We […]

I Voted Today

Since I will not be here in Ann Arbor tomorrow, I ended up voting through an absentee ballot. In this historic election it felt good knowing that I took part in the process. But there is one confession. I did not know some of the candidates that were running for some of the smaller offices, […]

Jakarta Information Meeting

I am excited about this day. Not only is Pastor Paul Liu going to be speaking in both our Sunday Celebrations, but we will be having our Jakarta Church Plant information meeting. While I was out in Indonesia, I was able to meet some key people who will be able to open the door for […]

Hanging Out with Paul and Family

It has been great having Paul and his family hang out with us. Friday night, he shared from his life and some testimonies of the work that is being done in S.E. Asia. He has only been there for 3 years and already he is finding himself picking up more of the local language. It […]

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