In San Diego

I am out to San Diego for a Leadership Network conference. I am part of a learning community, which is made up of a small group of Asian-American pastors who are leading multi-ethnic churches around the U.S.

I met up with Dave Lee at the airport and we headed out to our conference location. We ended up grabbing a quick bite to eat and it was a no-brainer for us – FISH TACOS!

It was great reconnecting with everyone. We had an opportunity to share what was going on in each of our lives for the last 6 months. It was encouraging to hear about God’s faithfulness in all of our lives.

The big and singular theme for this conference is: Perspective.

We divided into smaller groups and talked about topics that were related to the pastor’s personal lives such as balance, pitfalls, and seasons of ministry (in our 20’s, 30’s and 40’s). In our learning community we rotated between Ken Fong, Dave Gibbons and Bob Roberts. It was great being challenged by their lives and their stories.

Afterwards we had some fellowship time, but it was no ordinary fellowship. We headed out to an indoor go kart race track. It was a blast as we competed against one another. We are off to a great start.
Dave and Ken.JPG
Ken Fong and Dave Lee enjoying the view
Go Kart Track.JPG
This was the biggest go-kart track I have seen
Go Karts.JPG
The go-karts were all lined up and ready to go
Go Kart Preparations.JPG
We had to wear helmets! But we were pumped
The scenery out here helps you to experience God

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