Fireproof Your Marriage

Tonight our LIFE Group did an activity together. We decided to watch the new Fireproof movie. Since we are a married couples group and the movie was about a marriage, we thought it would be a good idea to see it.

This movie was made by the same church that made the Facing the Giants movie. Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia has caught the eye of many people in Hollywood. It is quite remarkable that one church can produce a movie on such a low budget.

Even though parts of the Fireproof movie was a bit cheesy and it was very clear that they wanted to present the Gospel, I think overall the message in the movie was good and powerful. I think all of our married couples were in tears… but for the guys, we had some “misty” eyes.

Whenever a movie speaks to the pain and the felt needs of people then there is an instant connection. I hope that this movie can even inspire some failing marriages to persevere.

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