Motorcycle Day of Destiny

Yesterday, before I headed back to Ann Arbor, I had the opportunity to meet up with my friends, Steve Lee, Peter Kim, and Dave Lee for a quick lunch. It was good to catch up with Steve one last time before they headed back out to Kenya.

Afterwards we went to Chicago Cycle to “just look” at some motorcycles. Christina simply called it, “feeding into my worldly desires.” Of course, I had to convince her that motorcycle riding can be very spiritual and beneficial to the longevity of my health.

It was awesome just learning about the various motorcycles. Since Steve, Peter and Dave all have experience with motorcycles, they were able to give me the 411 on the various bikes. It was just overwhelming to see 90,000 square feet of all motorcycles. You really have to come prayed up in order not to leave that place without a motorcycle.

As I was driving back, I was just thankful for the friendships with these brothers. It is hard to believe I knew them since 8th grade. God has really developed our friendships – not only are we able to have fun together but we are able to speak into each others’ lives. It is a rare combination but I take it as a gift from God. I am truly thankful.

We are fervently talking about all taking a coast-to-coast cruise together – kind of like the Wild Hogs movie. I can’t wait for that day.
Peter and Bike.JPG
Peter led the way on his sweet ride – 1600 cc Suzuki Boulevard!
Chicago Cycle Showroom.JPG
I think we violated one of the deadly sins
On the Bike.JPG
One day we will ride into the sunset

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