Another Lesson from the Airport

Since we only had one service in Ann Arbor, we decided to see if we can catch the earlier flight that was leaving at 1:35PM (instead of our normal 3:11PM flight). When we got to the airport, we found out that the earlier flight was sold out and we were placed on standby.

When I talked with the NWA agent, I found out that I was already placed on this flight due to my Elite Member status. But I decided to use my “privilege” as an NWA Elite Member to see if we could all get on this flight – I had to use the gift of persuasive speech to convince her that I could not get on this plane without my other 3 traveling companions. After my name got called up, she told me that we were all on the flight. I was so elated… but the icing on the cake was when I found out that we all got first class.

I had to break the sad news to the other guys that we were going to be on this plane and fly 1st class 😉

Then a thought came to my mind – due to my elite member status I was able to be the advocate for the other three guys traveling with me. They had no merit on their own to get 1st class or let alone get on that flight. But it was on someone else’s credit. Oh how the Gospel comes alive even at the airport.

With the extra 2.5 hours, we grabbed something to eat. We even had time to stop by Starbucks and enjoy the beautiful sunset. It felt a bit weird that we were not rushing to make it to service by 5:05PM – it was God’s way of giving us more time to pray 🙂

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