My Girl Scout Daisy

The family and I went to Karissa’s Girl Scout special gathering. Some of the local troops in the Ann Arbor area got together to do various presentations for the parents as well as the other Girl Scouts.

It was great seeing Karissa learning some good values of what it means to be a woman (or a little woman). I realized that a lot of the principles that were espoused were biblical principles. They talked about possessing traits like courage, honesty, and respect. I would not be surprised if Girl Scouts was started by Christians.

In the midst of being surrounded by all these little girls, I was thinking about how important it would be to see many of them grow in their self-esteem and learn how to be secure in who they are as they get older. They are so precious and pure in many ways right now, but the reality is that the world will tell them a different story and put pressure on them to be a certain way. Struggles with insecurity, inadequacies, and image will play a huge factor.

I am praying that God will protect them. Sometimes I don’t want Karissa to grow up. I want her to be a 5 year old forever. Christina keeps on telling me that it might be hard for me on Karissa’s wedding day. I agree.
KiKi and the Daisy Girls.JPG
KiKi’s Daisy Girl Scout Troop
KiKi's Daisy Presentation.JPG
Lining up for their presentation

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