Covenant Retreat 2008

It was a great inaugural celebration (I will write more about it at a later time). Right after a time of fellowship, Pastor Ben took me to the airport so that I can head back to Ann Arbor. I am currently waiting for my connecting flight in Chicago’s O’Hare airport so that I can rush over to the Covenant’s married couples retreat.

It is encouraging to see more married couples in our church. It is a healthy sign of the church growing and going through various life stages. This year, we have the most number of couples coming out to the retreat – 20+ couples!

We have Phil and Barb Tiews coming to speak to us. They have been married for 36 years and they are both actively involved in ministry. It is going to be a great time of receiving words of wisdom from a couple who have gone through all the ups and downs of life.

Christina and I have always been convinced that when people have a strong marriage, then they will have a strong family. Then, if their families are strong, they will be able to impact their community. We are hoping that at this retreat marriages will be strengthened so that the ripples affects will go to their families and beyond.

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