July 4th 2007

We spent the birthday of our nation by just going out as a family. It was hard finding places that were open on this day, but we were able to go to a place where they had a batting cage, miniature golf, and video arcade. So it was a fun day for the kids.

Josiah was able to go into a batting cage for the first time. He was pretty excited and he did well as he hit majority of the balls. In the future, we will probably challenge him to move up to the little league fast pitch speed.

Then we had dinner together and afterwards got ready for the fireworks show that they were having at the Kensington Metro Park. The fireworks were not as good as the ones in Chicago or some of the bigger cities but it sufficed. We are still waiting for the time when Karissa will not get scared of the big boom sounds after the fireworks go off.

It was a long day… but a great time with the family.
Josiah and Batting Cage.JPG
Josiah’s first experience at the batting cage
Before Fireworks07.JPG
We picked out a spot to see the fireworks
We ended up having our own mini-fireworks with some sparklers

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