Last Home Game of 2006 Season

The boys and I decided to go to the last home game of this season. Some people told me that we would be able to get tickets for $5 or $10 since the game was against Ball St. Also, I was told that if the game is already underway then the sellers will be willing to go down in the price. So, we went to the stadium looking for tickets.

To my surprise, people were selling the tickets for $40-$50 per ticket?! If you multiply that by 3 then it would be impossible for us to get into the game. I did everything that I could to bargain and talk with some of these “dealers.” I tried to explain that this was Elliot’s first game and that it would mean a lot to him, but I got the same answer – “no money, no tickets.”

So many things were running through my mind. Truthfully, it hurt my ego that I had to explain to the boys that we could not spend that much money on tickets. It also hurt because I did not want the boys growing up despising the ministry and the limitations of a pastor’s family.

It was pretty embarrassing waiting around for someone to come around and sell their tickets to us for a fraction of the asking price. By this time it was the end of the 1st quarter. I was about to give up and call Christina to pick us up… when I invited the boys to pray with me. Can you imagine? The three of us in the front of the largest stadium in the world and we were praying that God would provide us with some tickets – cheap ones!

Then all of a sudden a man came up to us and said, “Do you guys need a ticket… I just have one and I will just give it to you.” Wow! I took the tickets and starting praying for 2 more 🙂 Then I talked with one of the sellers again and asked if he was willing to sell the tickets for cheaper since it was the end of the 1st quarter. He ended up selling 2 tickets (great seats) for $40. Therefore, all three of us were able to get in for $40!

But there was one dilemma – two of the seats were together while the other one (the free ticket) was in a completely different section. We decided to all sit together and have Elliot sit on my lap. God’s provision for that day was more evident when the person sitting to the right of us was a little kid and three people sitting on the left of us were kids. Therefore, due to the smaller stature we were able to all sit down even though there should have been room for only 2 people.

At the end of the day… I was thankful for God’s favor (once again)… God is good!

Here are some pictures from the game:
We got some great seats for a cheap price
The halftime show
It felt like we were in the game
Boys and me.jpg
Three happy people that got into the stadium by God’s grace and anointing 🙂

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