A Memorial for a Mother

Mother and Child
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Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a one year remembrance memorial service for a woman who made a huge impact in Indonesia. But more importantly, the impact that she had on her family was truly inspiring.

Since this lady was a prominent figure, there were many people who were gathered to remember her life and the difference she made on society. All throughout the service, I couldn’t help but to notice the influence one woman had on so many people. In particular, there was a video that gave an overview of her life. Especially, her work with the poor and those with AIDS really spoke a lot about her character and the magnitude of her heart.

As I watched her children (who are all grown up and with their own children) pay their respects, it moved me. Not only was the love from the children to their mother evident but their relationship with one another was powerful.

There is something about moms that brings a family together. Now the next generation of children are carrying on her legacy as they are involved in the family’s business to transformation to the country of Indonesia.

While the service was coming to a close, I couldn’t help but to think about my own life. As I am getting older, the realization of my mortality is becoming more of a reality. Sometimes I ask myself, “With the one life that God has given me, how am I making a difference in people’s lives?”

How will you be remembered?

It is often times at funerals and memorial services that you begin to understand and even appreciate the impact that a person had on people and the world. It is my prayer that we will fulfill God’s will for us so that we can make a huge splash for Him.

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