Moon Perspective

Last night, our family went out to eat. Since I was out for about a week, it was good to just catch up as we shared a meal together. As we were driving home, there was a crescent moon (a quarter moon) in the night sky. We were all looking at it and then Karissa […]

Saints “Still” Marching On

I am at the O’Hare airport in Chicago right now and there are so many New Orleans Saints fans. The dedication of these fans is pretty impressive… they flew all the way here to root their Saints on. What amazes me more is that they are all still wearing their Saints jerseys (and very proudly […]

Quote on Love

I ran across this quote on “love” in some of my readings. I thought it was pretty simple yet profound. It is by a Swiss theologian, Emil Brunner. I am constantly reminded that love is so “others-focused.” This is why it is so hard to love. “Love does not inquire into the character of the […]

One of Those “Moments”

Have you ever had one of those moments where God used something to speak to you about something? On the plane ride back from LA, I was listening to my iPod and a song came on from my playlist that I have not heard in a long time. I just found myself getting ministered unto. […]

Catching Up in Chicago

I flew directly from LA to Chicago and got in last night around midnight. I hung out with some of the HMCC of Chicago guys at Peter’s place (our semi-church office and semi-hang out place). Then afterwards, I talked with Pastor Jimmy… I didn’t get to sleep until really late. But it is always worth […]

Priceless Series

        This coming weekend we are going to start a 2-part series called, “Priceless.” As many of you know, at the start of every year we try to cover the principles of stewardship. This is one area that our generation needs to learn and apply. This will be the vehicle in which […]

The Sage

We are finishing off in our time here in California. We have one more session of planning and praying. It was great to spend time with people that have the same passionate and heart as you. We have been soaking in God’s presence. I am rediscovering the importance of solitude. I can’t wait to go […]

Mountain Side

This morning, I had the opportunity to hike up a mountain (well, more like the foothills) near the retreat center. I haven’t huffed and puffed like that in a long while. It was another affirmation that I need to get my cardio back up to speed. As I was on top of the foothills, I […]

Quiet Reflection

I was pondering on the 17th century French theologian, Francois Fenelon’s words – “Silence promotes the presence of God… If you are faithful in keeping silence when it is not necessary to speak, God will preserve you from evil when it is right for you to talk.” In the quietness of this place, I realized […]

Rancho Capistrano, California

It has been great getting away from everything and spending some time in prayer. The TLT and I have been spending portions of the day in personal times of prayer and reflection. Then we would come together to plan and discuss things that are related to AMI. I am seeing the benefit of getting away […]

AMI Trip to California

I am looking forward to spending some time with the other AMI trans-local leaders as well as spending some time with God. In fact, Pastor Keith got a place out in San Juan Capistrano, California. It is a retreat center where we will be able to pray, plan and prepare for what God has in […]

Missing Season 6 of 24

As some of you probably heard, I was a skeptic of the T.V. show “24” in the beginning. But even the hardest of skeptics can be converted… haha! It is sad that the premiere of season 6 is going on right now as I type. They decided to show 2-hours of the premiere today and […]

Built to Last in Chicago

Right after the HMCC of Ann Arbor congregational retreat we drove out to Detroit Airport to fly into Chicago for Sunday Celebration. I realized (after the fact), we could have driven out to Chicago from the retreat center because it would have been faster. Oh well, you’ve got to love the airplane snacks! We just […]

Transformative Retreat

I am finally catching my breath at Chicago O’Hare Airport. The retreat was a landmark retreat. I was able share the vision and values of our church. I realized that after 10 years of being in the same place, it is easy to take things for granted or just assume that people know the DNA […]

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