Vietnam Update 1

After our long flight from DTW to Japan and then Japan to Vietnam, we met up with the rest of the AMI team. There are about 10 of us here. It has been pretty exciting so far… by the time we got to the hotel it was already 12:30AM and we had to get up at 6AM.

We began the day at 7AM by visiting various house churches and praying for the pastors and leaders. It is pretty humbling to see so many of the Vietnamese Christians on fire for the Lord. We stopped by one gathering where the people had been fasting for 4 days (once a month they fast 5 days). They had a deep hunger and thirst for God. Seeing their devotion was challenging, and it’s no wonder God is doing great things in these churches.

We have been soaking in the various sights and sounds of Ho Chi Minh City. It is a developing country and there is a lot of potential in this place. This is going to be a strategic place to reach this whole area, and we pray that God will establish a strong witness here for the many people who do not know Christ.

I hope to update with more things soon.
Please pray for us.

Here are some pictures:
The long plane rides… Pastor Ben and I preparing ourselves for another flight.
Visited a house church and prayed for healing
The streets of Vietnam
Scooters galore… it is incredible the number of scooters out here
A house church gathering
Another house church gathering
I caught Pastor Ben pigging out…haha! The food is incredible here.

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