4th of July Reflections

My family and I ended up going to a local town in the suburbs of Chicago to see the fireworks. It was good to spend time with my older sister Diane and her husband. All my family members were there except for Marc, my younger brother. He was out in California.

As the fireworks were about to begin, they had all of us stand and take off our hats (if we had them) for the singing of the National Anthem. In fact, it was a moving moment for me as I was thinking about all the sacrifices people have made for this country so that we can enjoy the freedom that we now have. But as we were singing the anthem, I panned out to see the crowd and then noticed something that began to bother me.

There were a group of high school students that were just sitting down with their hats on almost in defiance. Something inside of me wanted to go to them and tell them to stand and show some respect. But then I was thinking about how I was so rebellious in high school and I just decided to let it go.

But as we were driving back, Christina and I had a conversation about the situation. We came to 2 conclusions:

1) The younger generation has lost the sense of honor and respect. These are character traits that we need to bring back in our society. When we are young all we can think about is ourselves and it is hard to be thankful for the sacrifice that people made for us. Independence Day is a constant reminder that for years people sacrificed their lives so that we can be free.


2) It goes back to the parents. I was wondering if they had parents that taught them these basic traits of honor and respect. If we don’t teach it to our children then they will not be able to pass it on to the next generation.

Either way, I was able to enjoy an awesome firework display and I was more convinced then ever to teach my kids about honor and respect.

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