The Spirituality of the Twentysomethings

I don’t know if you read the article by The Barna Research Group on the spirituality of the Twentysomethings. I found it pretty interesting. They said a lot of things that we already knew but we are still left dumbfounded in terms of a solution.

The single adult life is a difficult one. As I reflect on my twenties, I realized that it was a hard time filled with struggles. But it is a stage of life that everyone has to go through – kind of like puberty… it is part of life. Nevertheless, these transitions are not always easy.

If I can be brutally honest, many of the Twentysomethings are their own worst enemies. The Twentysomethings are a time when everything is about me – my career, my friends, my freetime, my money, my promotion, my car, my condo, my plasma TV, my road trips, my future marriage, my… the list goes on.

I remember doing youth ministry for 4.5 years and one of the most difficult thing that the students had to overcome was their self-focused perspective. This is why they can be excited for God on Friday and then on Sunday it is as if the whole world is crashing down before them. It was quite a rollercoaster journey for them and for the youth pastor.

Now, as I talk with some of my former youth group members (who are getting married, now married, and having children), I am curious to know how they look at their high school “struggles” now. I am wondering – what would happen if we COULD NOT move from one stage of life to another, until we have a God-centered perspective. Hmm… many of us will be stuck for awhile. Maybe this is the prayer that we need to pray for – “Lord give me your heart and your perspective as I go through this difficult stage of my life!” But then remember – you have to be ready to be broken by God… something that we do not welcome too often in our lives.

Read the article here.

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