The Delusion of Multi-Tasking?

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I like to call myself a multi-tasker. Usually on my computer I have at least 7 or 8 programs opened at the same time and many other files working simultaneously. I would also like to believe that I get more done when I multi-task. I think it is the feeling of doing many things at once. But I guess I was wrong or as scientist would say, “I am just deluding myself.”

Read this article by NPR.

I guess the question is, “Am I doing things efficiently and effectively?”

Re: turn Sermon Series

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20081109 - REturn.jpg
We are going to start a whole new series called, “Re: turn.” Usually the pastoral staff and I try to come up with the whole year’s preaching schedule, one semester at a time. We already had a series that we wanted to do in the month of November, but just recently the Lord has placed it in my heart to preach on the topic of repentance.

Every time I am counseling people or even just listening to people’s struggles and problems, I am constantly reminded about the importance of repentance (or lack of repentance). Whenever there is a lack of repentance, we almost inevitably see people living in sin and rebellion. This then causes many other problems for people and hence the downward spiral begins.

Growing up in my spiritual journey, I have always seen repentance as a bad thing. Not only was it hard to “fess up” but I didn’t have a healthy and biblical view of repentance. But the more I study Scripture, the more I am convinced that we cannot live without it.

Repentance always entails “turning away” from something and then “turning towards” something else. This is the reason why the word, “repent” is often times translated as “turn” or “return.”

Since repentance is a daily thing, we want to constantly re-turn to God who is the very One that can comfort and heal us from our sin.

High School Musical 3

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Tonight the family and I went to see High School Musical 3. One of the LIFE groups was gracious enough to pay for the movie tickets. I think Karissa was more excited about this than the boys.

Overall it was a decent movie with some good themes – learning to make choices, commitment and friendships are just a few of the themes.

It was interesting because as I was watching the movie, I couldn’t help but to reminisce of my high school days. I guess I had a pretty fun and memorable high school experience. When I saw the cafeteria scene, the sports scene and the hallway scene, it all brought back good memories. Afterwards, I was telling Christina what I was feeling and she said (only in a way that Christina can say it), “Oh my God, it’s time to grow up!” Haha!

Then, we went out for some Pho. It is great being able to hang out with the family on a rare Friday night… it was truly a treat for us.

Leadership Network Update

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Yesterday was a full day. We went through some back-to-back sessions. But it was great to sit down some of the guys in ministry and talk about topics that applied to where we were at the present moment in ministry.

I realized that getting into smaller group and just picking each other’s brains is helping in sharpening each other. We also had some presentations that talked about organizational change and constructs. Dave Gibbons gave some principles and “grids” for us to consider, while Ken Fong challenged us with the importance of “capturing the imagination” of our people.

Then we had a great dinner by the beach. The best interactions happen over a meal.

I am leaving with a lot of things to process and think through in the context of our church. I will have the plane ride to process things.
Bob Roberts and Seth.JPG
I loved hanging out with Bob Roberts… he is the real deal

History Is Made

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Obama and Biden.jpg
Photo: Reuters
Tonight as we were eating dinner, some of the people who had iPhones were checking the election updates. By the time we were having dessert it was pretty clear that Obama won the election.

When I got back to the hotel room, I was watching the concession speech by John McCain. As I was listening to him, I gained a whole new level of respect for him. Not only was he gracious in his speech, but he was able to calm some of the crowd’s boos and jeers when Obama was mentioned.

As the camera panned out, it was hard not to notice that the crowd was almost 100% white. What a completely different picture when I saw the celebration held in Chicago on the Obama camp.

Regardless of how people voted, the key thing is to remember to pray for the President-elect Obama.

In San Diego

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I am out to San Diego for a Leadership Network conference. I am part of a learning community, which is made up of a small group of Asian-American pastors who are leading multi-ethnic churches around the U.S.

I met up with Dave Lee at the airport and we headed out to our conference location. We ended up grabbing a quick bite to eat and it was a no-brainer for us – FISH TACOS!

It was great reconnecting with everyone. We had an opportunity to share what was going on in each of our lives for the last 6 months. It was encouraging to hear about God’s faithfulness in all of our lives.

The big and singular theme for this conference is: Perspective.

We divided into smaller groups and talked about topics that were related to the pastor’s personal lives such as balance, pitfalls, and seasons of ministry (in our 20’s, 30’s and 40’s). In our learning community we rotated between Ken Fong, Dave Gibbons and Bob Roberts. It was great being challenged by their lives and their stories.

Afterwards we had some fellowship time, but it was no ordinary fellowship. We headed out to an indoor go kart race track. It was a blast as we competed against one another. We are off to a great start.
Dave and Ken.JPG
Ken Fong and Dave Lee enjoying the view
Go Kart Track.JPG
This was the biggest go-kart track I have seen
Go Karts.JPG
The go-karts were all lined up and ready to go
Go Kart Preparations.JPG
We had to wear helmets! But we were pumped
The scenery out here helps you to experience God

I Voted Today

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Since I will not be here in Ann Arbor tomorrow, I ended up voting through an absentee ballot. In this historic election it felt good knowing that I took part in the process.

But there is one confession. I did not know some of the candidates that were running for some of the smaller offices, as well as the candidates running for Michigan’s circuit judge. Therefore, instead of just voting for anybody, I didn’t make a choice for some of the candidates running for other offices.

Also, why is it that many of the Proposals on the ballot sound so confusing. I found myself reading it about 2 times because the wording was long and drawn out.

Now, we will just have to wait and see how history will be made – either we will have our first African-American President or our first female Vice-President.

Jakarta Information Meeting

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I am excited about this day. Not only is Pastor Paul Liu going to be speaking in both our Sunday Celebrations, but we will be having our Jakarta Church Plant information meeting. While I was out in Indonesia, I was able to meet some key people who will be able to open the door for us to start the church. Now we are hoping and praying that things will work out, but you never know in Indonesia.

Even though, I do not know all the people that will be applying for this church plant in Jakarta, but one thing I know is that God will form the team with all the right people that will need to be on the team.

As I have been praying about Indonesia in the last couple of days, I was reminded of this picture.
Mosque in City.jpg
It just jumped out at me because Islam is such a stronghold in Indonesia but then there are changes that are going on with globalization. This is the time for the Church to arise. As our church has been praying, we believe that this is the kairos moment and time in history for God’s people to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth. What an awesome time to be alive in history!

Hanging Out with Paul and Family

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It has been great having Paul and his family hang out with us. Friday night, he shared from his life and some testimonies of the work that is being done in S.E. Asia. He has only been there for 3 years and already he is finding himself picking up more of the local language. It is always refreshing to hear from a person who has immersed himself in the culture that he is called to love and serve.

Today, we had some time for questions and answers. I was blessed to hear some thoughtful questions from our members. I knew that they were seriously thinking through some of the missiological implications of things. But of course we had some pretty good practical questions as well.

It is encouraging to know that we will be able to partner up with him when we head out to Indonesia for this international church plant. We are excited about all the things that God is going to do.