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One day we will all die. I have learned that the sooner we accept this fact, the sooner we will be able to live our lives with purpose. Even though many of us might know our end destination, it is interesting to see how many people are not living their lives with a clear vision. Some people cannot even see what their lives will be like a year from now, let alone two months from now. Therefore we relegate ourselves to a subpar life.

A vision enables us to catch a glimpse of what the future might look like. Then out of that vision we can start setting our goals and objectives. One thing we have to keep in mind is that a vision has to be developed and nurtured; therefore, it is a process and it takes time. There will always be circumstances that will come against the vision, but those who are focused will see their vision become a reality.

But the question is, “How do you know if your vision has traction and is able to influence others?” Dan Reiland in his article, “Evidence of a Vision” gives a list of evidences that will helps us to know.

Here are a handful of traits to consider. Reiland writes:

1) A deep passion that captures people’s attention. Your vision will only burn as bright as you do. This idea is not about you ‘working up’ something or ‘turning on’ the hype. When this passion comes from deep within you, people will sense it. The impact is palpable. It is inescapable. You will have the people’s attention. They will be excited. They’ll ask questions and want to know what’s next. They will be eager for more information. They will be proud of the vision and tell their friends.

2) A largeness that creates enthusiasm. This is not about numbers, though numbers matter. The idea of largeness is more about being bold for the sake of the Kingdom! It’s the ‘go big or go home’ idea. The vision needs to be large enough to require God in the mix or it won’t work. You can see the need for balance between ‘believable’ and large! Leadership is an art and crafting the vision is just as important as communicating it. There is a direct connection between the size of the vision and the level of enthusiasm.

3) A dedication that inspires sacrifice. This is similar to passion. The difference is found in your tenacity. Passion can be big, but short term. Dedication is long term, and requires determination and resolve. Candidly, it’s easy to be passionate for a short time, but to be dedicated for years, even decades, takes an uncommon leader. This will result in a dedication found in the people. Much like passion, the people will not be more dedicated than you are to the vision. The outcome is a willingness to sacrifice. The sacrifice can be seen in time, energy, and financial resources.

4) Resources flowing toward the vision. Now we really get practical! Money! Let’s be candid, money follows vision. Without financial resources, no matter how godly you behave, the mission can’t move forward. A worthy vision shouldn’t be free, and a vision that is truly worthy will attract financial resources. No church ever has ‘enough’ but God will supply what we need to accomplish the vision.

5) A soundness that stands up to scrutiny and the test of time. You know the difference between fluff and something of substance. Your vision needs to have a biblical soundness and a solid nature that stands up to examination over time. It needs to make sense and have obvious evidence that it was well thought through. This does not suggest that you should make it complicated. In fact, sometimes making something simple, which is in reality complicated, is far more work than the reverse!

6) You cannot be silenced! When my kids were younger and they really wanted a certain toy for Christmas, there was no silencing them! They dream big and never give up! I love this thought. It’s simple but powerful. If God has breathed a vision in you, you simply cannot and will not be silenced. That’s it! Compare this to the things we want silenced like negative talk and gossip. Wow, what a difference. Don’t let anyone shut you down. Keep talking your vision!

With these evidences to consider, do you have a vision in your life that is worth living for? When I was younger a mentor told me something that helped me as I was struggling to gain a vision for my life. He said, “If you don’t have a vision, borrow one until God gives you a clear vision for your life.”

Now, this is the same advice I am giving to people who are having a hard time gaining a vision for their lives. One good place to start is to barrow the church’s vision. We are praying together for the 2020 Vision to become a reality. We know that we are just playing a small part of the greater things that God is doing all over the world. Join us and be a part of God’s greater vision for transformation!

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