Money CAN Buy Happiness

  Photo from       Yup, you read the title correctly. When I first heard this statement from Michael Norton, it caught my attention because everyone knows the famous adage, “money CAN’T buy happiness.” Michael Norton is a professor at the Harvard Business School and he gave a TED talk titled, “Money Can […]

Last Words Sermon Series

  Photo by HMCC-AA Publications Team       As we look ahead to this weekend, I am looking forward our new Sunday Celebration series called, “Last Words.” With graduation service tonight and with the end of the school year approaching, this series will be appropriate for many of our members. But when you look […]

The Crazy Life

  Photo from       I realized that when someone calls another person “crazy,” it is all relative. Something that may be crazy for one person just might be normal for another. When you look at Christ and some of the things that He was teaching and doing, people thought He was crazy. […]

Easter 2012 Promo

  You don’t want to miss our 2012 Easter Celebration this year! We are expecting great things from our Great God. HMCCers don’t forgot to intercede for, invest in and invite your friends and family members. If you need more information, check out    

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