Doers of the Word

This just happened and I wanted to share God’s blessings with all of you.

I think one thing that really encourages a pastor is when their members actively apply God’s Word into their lives. We have been going over Jesus’ sermon in Matthew 5-7 in a series called, “Kingdom Living.” Last week, I talked about doing things “in secret.”

The religious people were warned about how they have received their reward in full because they gave, prayed, and fasted in public for all to see. This fueled their pride and caused them to live a hypocritical life. Instead of a life full of God’s blessings, they practiced a lifeless and hollow religion.

I challenged the people this past week to do things “in secret” so that the only person that would know is God, our Audience of One – this is an automatic pride killer. I also mentioned how this will cause the recipient to be dumbfounded and give glory to God alone.

So, as I was getting ready for tonight’s Friday night ACCESS gathering, someone dropped off a sandwich from Potbelly’s. This “person” sent a courier to deliver the goods and told me that it was a gift from the Lord. I passionately pleaded to find out who it was… but the courier said, “This person doesn’t want to be known because they are applying last week’s message about doing things in secret!” Wow… that made my day. All the hours of sermon preparation was worth it just to have one person respond to God’s Word in obedience.

Lord, even though I don’t know who it is… you do, therefore bless them abundantly.
Btw, this person got the sandwich on wheat bread… Christina will be very, very happy… extra blessings 🙂

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