Yesterday our family spent some time going to the Pistons game. I was able to get some $10 tickets – God always provides 🙂

It was quite an experience for the kids! With all the lights, music and crazy giveaways, the kids were soaking it all up. When Josiah was younger, I took him to a Pistons game therefore it wasn’t that “new” of an experience for him… but for Elliot and Karissa, it was awe-inspiring.

I really enjoy being able to see people experience something for the first time. It brings great joy to my heart.

I am ok with the kids being a Pistons fan, but when it comes to football and baseball there is no question – Bears and Cubs. They are my first love when it comes to sports.

Here are some pictures from the night:
Pistons Game1.jpg
Got to the game way too early, but we are enjoying the pre-game stuff
Pistons Game2.jpg
Now you know why the tickets were $10… still we were able to experience the game
Pistons Game4.jpg
We all thought it would have been cool to ride the rocket balloon
Pistons Game3.jpg
Nothing beats family time regardless of where we are

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