Several weeks ago, I lost something on the plane. I took it out of my bag and placed it near my chair so that I can use it later. But in the midst of being engrossed in a book, I forget about it. It wasn’t until I was packing things up for my trip to Chicago when I realized that I no longer had it.

I quickly called and even stopped by the Northwest Lost and Found, both in Detroit and in Chicago. Since it has been a full week, I wasn’t even sure if they would still have it, if it was ever found.

After some chuckles from the Northwest employees, I realized that even if someone found it they probably would not returned it. Gone are the days of honest people who return things that are not theirs.


With all this happening, it has caused me to feel something that I am asking God to dealt with in my heart. For some reason in the last several weeks in my travels back and forth to Chicago and Ann Arbor, I have become very suspicious of people around me. Whenever I see another person with the very thing that I have lost, I wonder to myself if it is mine lost item. I know it is crazy… I just need to let it go.

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