The Religion of Football

My heart was torn today because Michigan was playing Northwestern. It is like asking me to choose between Josiah and Elliot. I love them both, even though they are so different. In the same way, I love both Michigan and Northwestern – (honest confession: “I am learning to love them both”).

The family and I were out this morning and we drove pass the UM football stadium, affectionately know around the world simply as the Big House. It was raining and the weather was cold. But it amazed Christina and me how “dedicated” and “devoted” these fans were when it came to Michigan football.

I sort of commented to Christina that football is like a religion. The fans are so committed – whether it is sunny or it is raining, they are out there faithfully getting ready for the big game.

They are “fools for football.”

Now, if the Church can just be “fools for Christ” (1 Co 4:10a), we might be able to build up His House.

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