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I am excited to share our next Sunday Celebration sermon series called, “Identity Theft.” In the last 11 months, I have to come to the stark realization that one of the biggest issues for people in Indonesia is their struggle with their God-given identity. I think this struggle is prevalent in most Asian cultures.

The dilemma with trying to address the identity issue is that people generally know what the problem is but then it is so hard to live it out. A lot of our identity is shaped by our parents, peers, and the world. We are constantly faced with these influences in our lives; therefore it slowly erodes away at our identity, which should be rooted in what Christ has done for us on the cross.

If we are going to win this battle for our identity, then we will have to commit to going back to some of the basics. Our sense of significance, feeling accepted, being loved, and longing for security need to be found in Jesus Christ.

When our identity is rooted in the wrong things, then our perception of ourselves will be contorted. Even our view of others and the world will be twisted. Then this leaves us empty and dissatisfied.

We will explore from Scripture the biblical principles about centering our identity on a strong foundation. We will cover 3-parts to this series:

1) Part 1: “Who We Are Matters”
2) Part 2: “How We Live Matters”
3) Part 3: “Why We Do Things Matters”

I am praying from some big breakthroughs through this sermon series. This will launch us to greater things, as people in our church experience greater freedom and joy in their journey with Christ.

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