Learning through Interviews

  Photo on buzzle.com       With the remaining time I have left in Asia, I have been trying to squeeze in as my interviews as I can for my doctoral dissertation. I am trying to examine the importance of starting an international church with the alumni from our HMCC churches back in the […]

Transitioning the Teams

  Photo by worldofstock.com       It has been great having the new Jakarta Team here in Indonesia. Even though we have been together for only a week, we have been able to bond quickly together. Recently, our team, along with the new team went away to a retreat center to pray together and […]

Identity Theft Sermon Series

  Photo by HMCC of Jakarta Publications       I am excited to share our next Sunday Celebration sermon series called, “Identity Theft.” In the last 11 months, I have to come to the stark realization that one of the biggest issues for people in Indonesia is their struggle with their God-given identity. I […]

Myths About Marriage

  Photo by nara.gov of the Gores, May 19th, 1970       In light of the shocking news of Al and Tipper Gore’s divorce, I was thinking, “how can a couple get a divorce after 40 years of marriage?!” In all news accounts and some personal testimonies from people who know the Gores well, […]

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