The Power of Music

I have been a strong advocate of the universality of music and how it is an incredible medium to communicate a message. There is something powerful about music and how it speaks to the heart. It really does supersede culture, language and nationality. This is why I believe that the next great evangelist of the future might be an artist – a musical artist.

I came across this video of an a cappella group called, Naturally 7. They were singing a popular song in the subway of Paris. Not only were they good, but I couldn’t help but to notice the reaction of the people. It just confirmed for me the important using music as a channel to share God’s love. We need to see more artist raised up in the churches, so that they can go beyond the walls of the church to spread the message of Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Check it out:

They opened up for Michael Bublé. This is an awesome introduction of their instrument sounds with only their voices.

It is hard to believe that they did with only their voices (click twice):

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