Flexibility and God’s Sovereignty

A lesson that God is constantly teaching me over and over again is learning how to be flexible. There are a lot of things in life that does not go exactly as planned. In fact, there are a lot of disruptions and delays in life.

The way we “roll with the punches” and our response to situations often times reveal if we are trusting in God or ourselves.

There are several things that happened this month that tested my perspective on things. I am learning (again) that there are some things that are completely in the hands of God. No amount of pouting, complaining and manipulating things can change the outcome.

The sooner a person realizes that God is in control of all things, the sooner they will have greater peace and trust.

I came across this YouTube video which has now been a video sensation. Within the first week of being posted it had close to a million hits. It is a person who went berserk when they closed the door on the gate and she missed her flight. Here is a grown woman, who just could not accept the fact that they were not going to open the door for her.

She might need a reality check. I was thinking about all the stories about people who have missed their flight and then later realized that the plane that crashed was the plane that they wanted to get on. Hmm… perspective changes everything.

It would have been awesome to have a translation… but some things are just universal. I’m just curious to know what the TSA would have done in this situation.

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