First Vietnamese-American Congressman

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Things are happening. History is being made all over the political landscape. It is encouraging to hear about how people in the state of Louisiana elected the first Vietnamese-American to Congress. Joseph Cao came out of nowhere. But his committed to the community and wanting to bring change, helped him get a seat in Congress.

The great thing about all this is that in a state where people like David Duke served, they now have two minorities who are serving at a high level – Bobby Jindal, an Indian-American serving as governor of Louisiana and now Joseph Cao, serving in Congress.

I believe that in the future we will see more minorities (or shall I say majorities since even the percentages are shifting on who is known as a minority), in higher levels of the political scene (Obama has shattered the ceiling for us).

I am committed to constantly raising up people who will engage the “G” (Government and Politics) in the CHARGED acronym in the Transformasphere Movement.

These are exciting times to be alive.

You can read the article of Joseph Cao election here.

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