Karissa’s Party

Karissa finally got to celebrate her birthday with some of her friends at Jump City – a premier inflatable indoor party zone. It is so different having a birthday party at Jump City with a bunch of girls compared to just boys. It is a bit calmer, but nevertheless it is chaotic with all the kids running around.

After they worked up a sweat from climbing up and sliding down inflatable slides, we celebrated KiKi’s birthday with a Coldstone cake and then opened up the presents.

It always brings a joy to the parents’ heart when their kids are happy and having a blast. What a day!
KiKi's 5th B-Day - Friends.JPG
Something about girls and their need to travel in packs 🙂
KiKi's 5th B-Day - In the cage.JPG
KiKi is Ms. Social Bug… she is constantly flying around talking with everybody
KiKi's 5th B-Day - Boys and bball.JPG
The boys are in the “cage” and playing a game of basketball
KiKi's 5th B-Day - Cake.JPG
KiKi is ready to blow out the candles
KiKi's 5th B-Day - Chair.JPG
Getting ready to open up the presents on the queen chair
KiKi's 5th B-Day - Me and boys.JPG
The difference between girls and boys – the boys sweat, while the girls gently perspire