A Shout Out to the Women

I want to direct you to a new website that has been started by a handful of women in our church. It was fueled by some women who were talking with Christina on a particular women’s issue. Their discussion was in the context of the church and supposedly they got inspired to start something and broaden their reach. Their main mission is to “voice truth on biblical womanhood.”

The writings on this blog will be written by four incredible writers. I can testify because they have in one way or another helped me proofread things or helped draft up various documents. One person in particular is the best I have seen 🙂

Women have often times been neglected or ignored in the Church, whether it is because of a cultural component or a theological component. But in our generation, we want to see the women in our church empowered and encouraged to do what God is calling them to do. It is going to be exciting to have this forum for women to discuss, share and influence each other for the glory of God.

So all you women out there please check out their new website, Girl Matters.”

And for all you men out there, I think they might give us permission to read up on some of their discussions, as long as it helps us to know the mind and heart of women more so that we can learn how to honor them more 🙂

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