Winter Retreat 2008 Prayers

Starting tonight, we are going to have our nightly prayer gatherings for the Winter Retreat.

A life lesson that I have learned over the years is: Prayer is a priority for preparation.

Whenever there is a hunger for prayer amongst God’s people, then it is a pretty good sign that God wants to do something powerful. When God, in His Sovereignty, wants to do something in a person’s life or in a community of faith one of the things that He puts in the hearts of people is for the need of prayer. I am sensing there is a lot of momentum as people have been gathering together to just pray for this retreat.

We have been praying all throughout the last couple of weeks and now we are going to focus in our prayers with our nightly prayer gatherings. More than just going to a meeting, I am praying that God would visit us in a powerful way and reveal His heart to us.

We will continue to pray for the prayer cards all throughout this week.

If you have not signed up for the retreat, there is still some time but time is ticking away quickly. You can check out the promo video here.

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