Missions Week 2007 Update

Wow… what a weekend so far. I dropped off Dr. Tennent at the airport and as I was driving back and reflecting on the last couple of days, I couldn’t help but to think about how faithful God has been to our church.

Last night, God used Dr. Tennent to remind us about the suffering nature of advancing the Kingdom of God. As we move forward to promote the Gospel, there will always be opposition. The reality of the spiritual battle will hit us when we start to advance the agendas of God. Since Satan is against the purposes of God, he will do everything to hinder people from living out God’s will.

The leadership missions seminar was clutch. Dr. Tennent summarized a lot of what was going around the world in terms of shifts that were happening in Christianity. It was a powerful reminder that God is moving all over the world.

Then we had the last session on the topic of mobilization. He imposed some tough questions for us to consider even as we do our summer missions program.

I think the best part of this weekend was seeing God’s people developing a greater vision for the nations and eternal things.

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