2007 SE Asia Update 10

Traveling with Pastor Seth is never boring… it is always a crazy adventure.

As we were flying (in the taxi) to the airport, we rushed to catch our flight to Surabaya, Indonesia from Malaysia. The only problem was that we were supposed to go to another local airport that was 20 minutes away! We just assumed that since we were flying out of the country that we were flying out of the international airport. But since it was a local carrier we had to go to the local terminal. I don’t know why they don’t put all the airports together – oh the joys of traveling.

Once we got to the airport we ran into some snags with our carry on luggage. They would only take bags that were 10 kilograms or lower as carry on! It was totally ridiculous. I really do not like to check in my luggage due to the extra delays and some bad experiences in the past. I tried very hard to reasonably talk with the agent, but he was very persistent and did not want to budge.

Then I decided to be biblical – to live out the parable of the persistent widow. After approaching him on multi-fronts, I think I wore him down. He finally allowed us to go into the gate with our luggage. There is something about persistence and not taking “no” for an answer 🙂

The Holy Spirit Conference started at 6PM but by the time we landed in Surabaya and got to the hotel it was about 7:30PM. We finally arrive at Bethany Church around 8PM. As we approached the church, we could tell that the Spirit of God was moving powerfully. Reinhard Bonnke was preaching. We caught the middle end of his sermon but he was talking about the importance of God’s anointing upon us as we carry the Gospel to the nation of Indonesia and beyond.

He then led us into a time of seeking the Lord to touch us with His Spirit. As we were praying and crying out to God, he invited people who feel God’s call to be an evangelist to come forward. It was a very moving sight. Hundreds of people were coming forward to the altar to receive God’s anointing to be an evangelist. In fact, this was one of the first times I actually saw people “running” to the front.

As we were worshipping and praying, I sensed the Holy Spirit powerfully ministering to people in the stadium – I got chills down my back and I could not help but to weep before the Lord. I haven’t felt that kind of corporate anointing for a long time.

This is what we need in the States… this is what we need in our churches. I am praying that God would touch us with His Spirit to empower us to reach the nations.

We have a full session tomorrow with various speakers. I am particularly looking forward to Jack Hayford, a pastor of pastors to speak God’s Word. Then we will be heading out to Jakarta and then I will be flying back to the States. God is truly good!
Reinhard Bonnke Speaking.JPG
Reinhard Bonnke was preaching on the Holy Spirit in front of a crowd of close to 20,000+
Altar Call1.JPG
People were running up to the front to receive prayer – it was the first time seeing so many people run to the altar
Altar Call2.JPG
The front of the stage filled up within 1 or 2 minutes… people were hungry for God’s Presence
People Worshipping.JPG
It was so refreshing to be around people who had a heart of worship – they are 100% sold out on Jesus!

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