S.E. Asia Trip 2008 Update 4

Today, we started off our day by meeting up with John Ng, a HMCC alum who just happened to be in Hong Kong at the same time as us. It was great seeing John and his wife but his father’s battle with cancer has been brought some challenges. As we were catching up, we ended up praying for his family and for God’s love and grace would fill their home.

Then we meet up with Albert and Charlotte – they are students at Northwestern University attend HMCC of Chicago. We headed back out to the island to have lunch at the International Finance Centre. As we were walking and talking, I was just amazed at the network of relationships that we have developed over the years. It was cool to see Albert and Charlotte (the younger generation of HMCC members) walking alongside some of our teammates (the older generation of HMCC members).

It is my prayer that some of the values and DNA will be passed on from one generation to the next.

Then we had the privilege of meeting up with Joyco Yung, who started up something called, “UFire,” which is sweeping across the various universities around Hong Kong. They even started up a Love Revolution, which had some powerful affects in this city. It is always encouraging to meet people who have a passion for college students and college campuses.

The light blub went off in my head when he was sharing about how there are mainland Chinese people who come from various places around China to study in Hong Kong. If they were to reach them with God’s love and disciple them, then they will become the missionaries to reach the various parts of China. It is a localized vision for his nations, but it has the same principles for us reaching out to international students who come to UM, NU, UIC, and Austin. They will eventually be sent off to make a difference in their cities – the ripple effects on a greater scale!

Then we met up with Dave Ng for one last time before we leave for Jakarta tomorrow. Hong Kong has really been a blessing, not so much because of the place itself but more because we have alumni who are living out the Gospel message in a powerful and transformative way.

We need to see more people who will live out Gospel – this is how nations will be transformed.

We are heading out to Jakarta tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us there!
John Ng in HK.JPG
Meeting up with John and Candice was truly a God thing. It was good catching up with them and even praying for his father.
Dessert with NU guys.JPG
Ate some good Chinese dessert with Albert and Charlotte, our HMCC of Chicago members
Joyco Yung.JPG
Heard some great testimonies of what God was doing on the college campuses in HK from Joyco

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