2007 SE Asia Update 9

We had lunch with a bi-vocational pastor. Pastor Noel grew up with a passion for technology, design and engineering. He was able to combine these passions and talents together to form his own company. Through this company, he is able to engage in the marketplace (the “Commerce” in the CHARGED acronym). He had some powerful testimonies about standing firm for Christ in the marketplace. Oftentimes Christians in the marketplace compromise on biblical values because of fear – fear of losing their job, fear of being ostracized, etc. But when a person honors God, God honors them. Noel is living proof! He is not a small fish in the pond but rather he has worked with Coca-Cola, the World Bank, etc. and with funds running in the multi-millions.

It was good to hear how God was using the marketplace filled with Christ’s followers to make a difference for the Kingdom.

Then we met with Dr. Herbert Tan, a staff member at Campus Crusade for Christ. It was a unique introduction because one of our Malaysian members’ mother knew him from a young age. Therefore, it was an indirect contact, but we had a great conversation with him. He was able to share his experiences and lessons from many years of ministry. I found out that he graduated from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (my alma mater) and then did further studies at Northwestern University (where we recently planted a church), so we were able to connect instantly.

The college campuses in Malaysia have their unique challenges but the opportunities are numerous. There is a growing population in the international community as well. The harvest is truly plentiful… we now need to start praying for the workers.

Tomorrow morning, Pastor Paul and I will be heading out to Surabaya, Indonesia. There is a Holy Spirit World Conference where many people in the region will gather for renewal and revival. Bethany Church in Surabaya will be hosting it. The church is quite a marvel to see. I have heard that it is like a huge stadium and to see a church of this size in Indonesia is only because of God’s power. We are excited to see what God is going to do.
Pastor Noel.JPG
Pastor Noel is making a difference in the marketplace

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