Popsicle Outreach

I really love it when a vision is cast and then the people of God take it and run with it. Some of the small groups in our church have been trying to live out the missional church mandate. It is amazing to find out some of the creative ways they are coming up with in order to bless people on campus.

Not too long ago, a small group did a “pizza for prayer.” They were shocked to find out how many people were open to receiving prayer. More than anything, it just helped our members to be more outward focused.

I just find out another small group went into the Diag (the center part of campus) and did a “popsicle for prayer” outreach. Even though not everyone wanted to receive prayer, at least they know there are bunch of people on campus who care and want to express God’s love. This is very encouraging for me as I see people going “beyond the walls” of the church.

One extra blessing in the outreach was that they got an opportunity to meet a lot of incoming freshmen (they are ALREADY HERE for orientation). They were able to get contact information and now we have to start praying for the harvest of souls that will be coming in September.

This might be a year like none other.

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