Retreat 2008 Fasting

For the last week and a half, the various small groups have been taking turns in fasting for the Winter Congregational Retreat. There is something about prayer and fasting that brings a church together.

Today is our married couples small group’s turn.

I am always encouraged to see people who are married (especially those who have children) and who are still willing to practice the spiritual discipline of fasting. From my experience, the older a person gets, the harder it is to practice this spiritual discipline.

In some of my past conversation with people, some have mentioned that they fasted in college because they were young and idealistic. Hmm… then the inverse would be… old and pragmatic?

I don’t think fasting should be left for the younger people to practice. In fact, as we get older we should be more humble and realize our greater need and dependence upon God. I am praying that in our church we will never lose our hearts and make excuses for our neglect of the spiritual disciplines of fasting and prayer.

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