Evolution of Things

Before I share some thoughts, check out this video. For those of you born in the late 80’s and 90’s, this will not have much significance to you. But for those of us who lived our younger years in the 80’s this video will make a lot of sense. It might even bring back some warn fuzzy feelings.


It is amazing how things evolve, especially in the area of technology and the gaming world. As I look at some of the games that are out there now and reflect on the simple days of Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Centipede, and Defender, it is amazing how far we have come. The graphics are now more real life than ever.

As I was thinking about the evolution of technology, I started to think about my own personal evolution as a person. Not only when I look at some of the pictures from my younger years, but also seeing how my perspective has changed in different areas, it makes me realize how important it is to constantly be growing and changing.

Even with the various changes, I have also come to realize that there are some things that simply do not change. In fact, they have been consistent in my life for many years. I guess this is what a lot of people call “conviction.” I have always held on to the belief that “opinions can change, but convictions cannot change without changing you.”

There are a lot of “opinion changing” things that have happened throughout the years, but I am thankful that some of the core convictions that God has deposited in my heart that have not changed. In fact, they have only gotten stronger.

These are things that I have given my life to and these are the things that I will continue “waste” my life on until the day I die. What an awesome privilege.

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