Innovators, Idealists, and Influencers (Pt 2)

I have been greatly encouraged to see God placing many future innovators and influencers in our church. As soon as I posted my entry on “Innovators, Idealists, and Influencers” (I3) yesterday, I received an e-mail with a video link.

As I was watching it, I was reminded of several more things:

1) I3’s are Early-Adopters. They are usually the first ones to adopt an idea or product. They are not afraid of taking risks. Once they believe in something, they are able to spread it to others.

2) I3’s are Evangelists. Since they are out to influence people, they share what they believe in with passion. They want to change the way we think and the way we respond to things. In essence, they want to “convert” people.

3) I3’s are Eccentric. Unconventional. Different. Unusual. Avant-garde. All these words describe them. They love going against the flow; and in many ways they do not care about what other people might say about them. In fact, according to I3’s, being different is good.

4) I3’s are Empowering. Since they are forward thinkers, they think generationally. As they reach a certain level of influence, I3’s try to empower and equip the next generation. They use their wisdom and influence to inspire the next generation of I3’s.

Here is a very good video produced by R+I Creative. They are a marketing and advertising company who helps “brands and artists reveal their values and tell their stories through innovative productions.” Thanks to @ericcyee who forwarded this video to me.

R+I Creative did a great job of explaining the “who, what, and how” of an influencers. I liked the fact that they focused on New York City because this city is really one of the hubs for finding innovators, idealists, and influencers. This is one of the reasons why we are praying about this great city.

Here is a brief trailer:

If you have time, here is the longer version. It is well worth the 14 minute investment.

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