Girls Wanting Protection?

Before I clarify on the title of this entry, I need to make some disclaimers:

1) This is just an observation that I made in the context of a personal experience
2) This is a generalization and I know there are people that do not always fit the generalization
3) I am not a sexist (Christina will not even allow me into the house if I was)

Whew! Let me explain what happened.

I was spending some time with the kids and as we were going to retire for the night, the boys were upstairs cleaning up their room. I was downstairs with Karissa. She then gave me a big hug and asked if we can play “The Baby Game.” The “baby game” is a game where Karissa pretends to be a baby that needs protection from the bad guys, which are her brothers.

She then proceeded to use some of the sofa pillows to build a mini-fortress to protect herself. Then this is when daddy comes into the picture. I am supposed to be the “hero” and protect the baby from the two “bad boys” in our house.

It was amazing to see Karissa’s facial reaction. When I drew closer to the mini-fortress and told her, “I WILL protect you!” Christina even notice that Karissa had a look of security as daddy was going to protect her from the bad boys.

Then Christina and I chuckled as we were reflecting on the fact that the boys were never like that when they were younger. In fact, they were on the other end of the spectrum and were always wanting to fight with one another with swords and other make-shift weapons.

Was this a gender issue? Do boys have a propensity for fighting and wanting to be the hero, while girls want to be protected and feel secure? Possibly.

But sometimes Karissa wants to be the Princess Warrior with her sword, so go figure!

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