Asia Medical Missions 2012 Update 3

  The trip out to Jogja and Gungan Village was a great experience, especially because we had 3 of the HMCC churches working together. The importance of meeting the physical needs of people was reinforced as I saw our medical team open up the hearts of the people through their medical care. This is definitely […]

Lent 2012

  Photo on       Another Lenten season has quickly approached us, but for some reason, this year feels a bit different. So much has happened so far in 2012 that it is hard to believe only 2 months have passed. It is truly by God’s grace that we have witnessed numerous testimonies […]

Keep Growing and Learning

  Not too long ago, I realized that I have logged in more than 25,000+ hours of sermon preparation and preaching within the last 20 years. On top of that, I have probably logged in more than 15,000+ hours of counseling sessions ever since HMCC of Ann Arbor got started in 1996. As I was […]

Aurora Borealis

  One of my dreams is to experience the Aurora Borealis in person, either in Alaska, Norway or Finland. There is something fascinating about these “dancing lights.” It just reminds me of God’s incredible creativity when He created the world. It just leaves you in awe. Recently this year, on January 24th, there was a […]

True Test of Brokenness

  Photo from       As some of you know, we are doing M’Cheyne’s One Year Bible Reading Plan. But many of you might not know who he is and what impact he made in history. Robert Murray M’Cheyne was born in 1813 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was a pastor in the Church […]

2012 HMCC Revival Meeting

  Photo by HMCC-AA Documentation Team       It was a tremendous joy to host Pastor James and Faith Cha, as they spoke at our church’s congregational revival meeting this past weekend. Normally, we would have a retreat at this time, but we felt that God was calling us to have a revival meeting […]

Blueprint Series

  Photo by HMCC-AA Publications Team     We started a new series for our Access gathering this past Friday. It will be a semester-long series where we will cover some of the basics of the Old Testament and the New Testament. As the campus ministry executive team and I prayed about what to address […]

2012 New Year

  Photo on     With each and every passing year, I am constantly reminded of two things: God’s faithfulness for the past year and the realization that I am closer to my death (I know, a bit morbid, but it is reality – one day closer to seeing Jesus face-to-face). With these two […]

Asia Update 11 – 12.2011

  It is always encouraging to see people who have experienced God’s work of transformation at HMCC-AA and are now placed at different parts of the world. I am constantly humbled and amazed at God’s work in people’s lives. There is something special about meeting up with people who want to stay connected to the […]

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