Missions Week 2013

  Designed by HMCC-AA Publications Team       This year’s theme for Missions Week is “Everyone. Everywhere.” Too often people see missions as something that only a select few get involved with or it has to be somewhere overseas, but this is a myth. All throughout the New Testament, we see that missions is […]

2013 Undergraduate Retreat Promo

  Designed by HMCC-AA Publications Team       The theme for this year’s 2013 Undergraduate Retreat is “Torrential.” The dictionary defines, “torrential” as: 1) Pouring or flowing fast, violently, or heavily 2) Abundant, overwhelming, or irrepressible   We are praying that at this year’s retreat, God would pour out His Spirit in an overwhelming […]

Handwriting Analysis

  Are you one of those people who always read the Chinese horoscopes on the place mats in Chinese restaurants? Why is it that we always read them again even though, we read it last time? I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s our desire to “know” and to be “known.” But for all […]

Update on Team Hoyt

  It is hard to believe that Dick and Rick Hoyt ran their first marathon in Boston back in 1981. Since then, they have ran in more than 1,000 races. They were going to end their career with the 2013 Boston Marathon, but in light of the Boston tragedy, they decided to run one more […]

7: Churches of Revelation

  Photo by HMCC-AA Publications Team       We are finishing off the summer months with our new sermon series called, “7: Churches of Revelation.” It is a good continuation from our “Bold” series on the minor prophets. The beautiful thing about the Bible is that it is “living;” therefore God’s Word is able […]

2013 4th of July

  I’m so thankful for all the military men and women, who serve and continue to make sacrifices for their country so that ordinary people like us can enjoy our freedom on this 4th of July. I have watched this video at least 5 times and every time it has messed me up. There is […]

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