Aurora Borealis

One of my dreams is to experience the Aurora Borealis in person, either in Alaska, Norway or Finland. There is something fascinating about these “dancing lights.” It just reminds me of God’s incredible creativity when He created the world. It just leaves you in awe.

Recently this year, on January 24th, there was a massive radiation storm which was produced from an intense solar flare that erupted from the sun. It unleashed a wave of charged particles and caused some of the the strongest solar radiation storm since 2005. This has sparked a phenomenal northern lights show.

Even though we cannot be there at this moment, we can at least see it via video. The video below was taken by Chad Blakley, who captured a view of the Aurora Borealis in Sweden. I wish I could have been there.

This next video is a compilation of various views of the extraordinary Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). It is just awesome to see all the different backgrounds and the lights bouncing around with elegance and grace. It is truly breathtaking!

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