Grad Luncheon 2007

I wanted to give some props to the FOCUS (single adult ministry) members who sacrifice their time and energy to serve the recent graduates. It was encouraging to see the single adults in our church serving and blazing the trail of investment in the next generation of single adults. A thought on the auction game […]

The Circle of Life

Yesterday, we had dinner with my parents. I was just thinking how a lot of things in life come full circle. When we are born, we are completely dependent on our parents to take care of us. Then, we go through the process of maturity where we learn how to be less dependent on our […]

An Observation at a Cemetery

Christina and I still had our breakfast date, even though we are here in Chicago. Afterwards we went to the cemetery to visit her parents’ grave site (her mom passed away in 1998 and her dad passed away in 2003). After going through a maze of headstones, we found their plot. But the interesting thing […]

Surprisingly Surprised

Dr. Thom Rainer wrote an article several years ago called, “Ten Surprises About the Unchurched.” In the article Rainer tries to motivate the Christian understand the mind and heart of the pre-Christian. Dr. Rainer for close to 3 years did an extensive research on the unchurched. Rainer and his team of researchers covered all 50 […]

Doing One’s Best

Eric Liddell said, “In the dust of defeat as well as in the laurels of victory there is a glory to be found if one has done his best.” This quote inspires me. The end result should not supersede the importance of the process. But how does a person know when they have done their […]

Seasoned-Citizens and the Internet

I had the joy of going to Panera Bread with my dad today. We enjoyed some coffee together but most importantly, I taught him the wonder of the world-wide web. It was his first time being on the internet. I am pretty proud of my dad that he wants to learn about computers and the […]

Excellence in the Public Square

    Picture from the Associated Press       Look closely at the picture and see if you can find something wrong. Hint: what state became the 35th state to enter into the Union in 1863? Yup, that is correct – West V-I-R-G-I-N-A After the West Virginia Mountaineers won 78-73 over Clemson in their […]

A Good Test

One topic that Jesus talked about quite often was on the subject of “giving.” It was not just isolated to financial giving but the principle of giving in general. This is probably the case because it reflected his heart… He was going to “give” his life as a ransom for many. In Luke 12, Jesus […]

Daddy/Daughter Lunch Date

Christina volunteered to be a chaperone for Elliot’s field trip, therefore I was assigned pick up duties for Karissa. After I picked her up, we decided to go out to eat. I asked her, “sweetheart, what would you like to eat?” She responded by saying, “MacDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Jimmy John’s.” Hmm… We ended up at […]

Pride and World-Travelers

Due to all the travel from AA or Chicago, I have gotten to know the airport security and gate check personnel fairly well. In some sense this is a best way to do relational evangelism… as we frequent the same restaurants, stores and places, we are able to build relationships and naturally talk about what […]

Asking for Donations

Every morning at 8:55AM on the local Christian radio station, there is a pretty well-known pastor in the area that comes on to speak (or shall I say share). He runs a rescue mission which helps minister to homeless people, as well as people who are rehabilitating from drugs. Since they want to preach the […]

Raising Generous Kingdom Workers

Couple of days ago, I found out from our finance team that one of our alumni gave a considerable amount to the Transformation Vision. When I found out the exact amount, I was a bit flabbergasted. After corresponding with the person, I found out that he came to know the Lord through our church and […]

Clean Up Day

This morning, I went to the boys’ school to help clean up their facilities. This is part of the “agreement” of being able to send them to this Christian school. Since the cost of sending our kids to this Christian school is financially very difficult, they try to cut the cost by having parents volunteer […]

Spring is Here

Well, not quite… but today was a perfect day for some outdoor activity. Our family went out for some ice cream and then got on our bikes for a quick ride around our complex. One lesson learned today… just because we were able to do something last year, it does not guarantee success the following […]

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