Raising Generous Kingdom Workers

Couple of days ago, I found out from our finance team that one of our alumni gave a considerable amount to the Transformation Vision. When I found out the exact amount, I was a bit flabbergasted.

After corresponding with the person, I found out that he came to know the Lord through our church and a firm foundation, through discipleship was laid for their faith. This alum is faithfully serving at their current church and participating in generous stewardship.

This just reminded me once again of two things:

1) Lives that are transformed through our church will continue to have ripple effects for the future.
2) When you laid down a good foundation of generosity before “making” the big money, you are more likely to give when you “make it” financially.

I have come to realize that issues of finances is one of the top 3 things that hinder people from living the Christian life with passion and purpose. This is why we are committed to teach and train people in this area – unapologetically!

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