An Observation at a Cemetery

Christina and I still had our breakfast date, even though we are here in Chicago. Afterwards we went to the cemetery to visit her parents’ grave site (her mom passed away in 1998 and her dad passed away in 2003).

After going through a maze of headstones, we found their plot.

But the interesting thing was that many of the Jewish grave plots were in one section and the Asian grave plot was in another section and etc. (and it was not even alphabetical order!) At first, it was a bit incredulous to believe that even in death people are still segregated.

Do these things just naturally happen?

It is interesting to see how the Revelation 7:9 will play out in heaven. Maybe there will be people from every tongue, tribe and nation but then they will all have their own sections in the heavenly realm (shrug).

So why should anybody commit to having a multi-ethnic church or even cross-racial friendships? It is not the easiest thing to do. But some of the greatest pursuits are not for the weak of heart. Maybe the way we live here on this earth is the way we will be buried.

A note to self: Make sure to tell Christina to bury me surrounded with people from every color and culture.

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