A Father’s Influence

Recently, Christina and I have been talking a lot about the father’s influence in a daughter’s life. Part of the reason for our discussion is because Christina has been reading, Bringing Up Girls by James Dobson. She has been giving me various summaries with different highlights after each chapter.

The more I see my sweatpea, Karissa growing up so quickly, the more I sense the need for my affirmation and presence in her life. The journey that Karissa is on will be filled with a lot of obstacles and bumps along the way. I want to make sure that I am there each step of the way.

I know that one day I will have to give her away to another man to lead her and guide her (I am trying to pray that I won’t beat up on that guy). But until that time, I need to do my best to make a difference in her life.

When I saw this video of a woman who was not able to have her Daddy-Daughter Dance because her father passed away before the wedding day, it broke my heart. It also reminded me of the power of a father’s influence. There are so many women in this world that grew up without a positive relationship with their fathers and it is affecting them even till this day.

This is why when I saw what these guys did for the bride, it was so powerful.

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