Mirror Series

  Design by HMCC-AA Publications Team       For our college ministry, we are finishing off our 2-part series called, “Mirror.” In Part 1, we covered the theme of “The Looking Glass.” I mentioned how, “we must see ourselves through the mirror of God’s grace.” It is God’s grace that fulfills us, frees us, […]

Missions Week 2013

  Designed by HMCC-AA Publications Team       This year’s theme for Missions Week is “Everyone. Everywhere.” Too often people see missions as something that only a select few get involved with or it has to be somewhere overseas, but this is a myth. All throughout the New Testament, we see that missions is […]

2013 Undergraduate Retreat Promo

  Designed by HMCC-AA Publications Team       The theme for this year’s 2013 Undergraduate Retreat is “Torrential.” The dictionary defines, “torrential” as: 1) Pouring or flowing fast, violently, or heavily 2) Abundant, overwhelming, or irrepressible   We are praying that at this year’s retreat, God would pour out His Spirit in an overwhelming […]

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