Another Run for the Bulls

In the 1980’s, I grew up watching the Chicago Bulls. After being drafted third overall by the Bulls in 1984, Michael Jordan stormed the NBA. The 1990’s was a special era for the Bulls. Not only did they achieve the best single season record in the NBA (72 wins), but they had two 3-peats (6 championships). They were truly a dynasty in the 1990’s.

One of the best gifts Christina gave me, as we were courting was tickets to watch the Bulls play at the United Center. Also, I still remember the Bulls playoff run in 1991 (which was the start of the first 3-peat) where I was traveling with a worship band leading retreats throughout the summer and trying to catch the championship game against the Lakers.

Those were some crazy years.

Now, with the Bulls locking in the number one seed in the Eastern Conference, the hype and the excitement is starting all over again. I am hoping my boys will be able to see a start of another dynasty with Derrick Rose.

People are slowly rallying to this Bulls anthem. I think it is going to stick. I am hoping this song will continue to play throughout the United Center.

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