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This past week, God has been putting an enormous burden on my heart for the youth of Indonesia. I had the privilege of speaking to the 11th graders of Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH). After some of my sessions, some of the students wanted to talk with me and receive prayer. It was heart wrenching to hear some of their struggles and the situations that they were facing in their lives.

Now, as I look back in reflection, I realized that God has been putting various things in my life within the last four months to build up this burden. First, I spoke at a 10th grade retreat about 4 months ago and God opened my eyes to the need of reaching the youth. Then I spoke at SPH’s chapel for 7/8 graders, 9/10 graders, and 11/12 graders. The burden began to grow. Recently, we had a relationship seminar for the college students at UPH but some of the high school students heard about it and came out. Afterwards, we realized that it was not only high school students, but some of the junior high school students came out as well.

There are other people in our church who have expressed a burden for the youth as well; therefore, I am seriously committing this burden to the Lord. I don’t know exactly where all this will lead to but I am confident that God loves His people more than me. God will either start up a specific ministry to reach out to His people or He will raise up some people to fulfill His plan.

The exciting part of all this is that at SPH many of these students will go overseas to study for college. How awesome would it be if some of these students end up going to one of the campuses where there is an HMCC church? Then we can partner together with all the HMCC churches to help these students get connected.

In fact one recent develop that is still in the works, is trying to train some of the 12th graders before they head off to college. One of the alumnus of SPH went off to college overseas and has a burden to impart some wisdom that they have gained over the years. He is part of our church now so we are in discussions and prayer. We have been talking about training and equipping the seniors to help prepare them for the big transition. If everything goes well, it can be the start of an institute or academy to help prepare other students in the future with SAT/ACT and other helpful skills (i.e. cross-cultural skills, doing laundry, opening a bank account, developing good friendships, etc).

We want to reach the youth of Indonesia by influencing them in all areas of their lives, whether it is through their academics or their spiritual lives. I believe the more we can deposit positive things into their lives, they will be able to make a difference for Christ in the future. Then we will have a nation that will slowly be transformed by the power of the Gospel.

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