A Disruptive Idea?

I had breakfast with one of the members this morning. We were talking about various topics but one phrase that caught my attention was “disruptive technology.” The internet is a “disruptive technology” because it changed the way we live. The iPod (which is celebrating it 5th year anniversary) is a “disruptive technology” – it has even changed the way record companies are selling their music.

Isn’t Christianity supposed to be a “disruptive” religion? Isn’t Christ a “disruptive” person? When was the last time we had a “disruptive idea?” An idea that changes the way we live and do things in life.

• Sticking around a place because of a church – truly disruptive
• Giving up our dreams for God’s dreams – very disruptive
• Choosing a job not because of the salary alone – disruptive
• Relinquishing comforts for something greater – extremely disruptive

We need more times of “disruptive-ness” in our lives in order for us to experience change. I love anything that has to do with transformation – sometimes the only way to experience transformation is to welcome “disruption” in our lives!

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