Thankful for Relationships

In the last four weeks, we have been so blessed to have met and interacted with people who love God and have a great heart for God’s Kingdom. One of the families that have been coming out to our church plant invited the team over to their apartment in Jakarta for some time of fun and relaxation. More than anything else, it was a time of building relationships and strengthening our hearts together.

It was also great meeting some of their friends. I am always encouraged when there are people who have a great burden for evangelism, as well as a heart for building relationships with people. I was able to tell that they just loved people. These are the kinds of people you need to start up a church. I am thankful that God has brought awesome people our way.

Also, their heart of generosity has been refreshing. In the midst of having a new baby and all their busyness, they still made time to spend the afternoon with us. They not only provided lunch but they also generously provided dinner at a restaurant. We were going to pay but they pulled the “I have to go to the bathroom” trick on us and ended up paying for the bill. Sneaky. Next time, we have to watch out for people leaving the table 🙂

I am also thankful because Pastor Dave Lee from Harvest Community Church in Chicago came to visit. He had a speaking engagement in Sydney, Australia and after spending some time in Bandung with a missionary friend, he came to Jakarta.

It is hard to believe that I have known Pastor Dave for close to 27 years. We have seen the good and the bad of each other throughout the years. I think one of the greatest tests of a friendship is that after many years, the bonds of the relationship keeps on growing stronger. I am always humbled and challenged by him to be a better pastor.

It was great being able to let your hair down (literally) and just be yourself. We hung out at a cafe where they had live music. Just taking in the sights and sounds was awesome! I am looking forward to having him share with our group.
It was quite breath-taking to be able to swim on the 30th floor overlooking the city
Elliot all ready to take a dive into the make-believe blue ocean
It’s bonding time for the guys

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